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Get Involved

Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis needs your support. Whether you’re a veteran or a civilian – you can get involved in a number of ways.


Nothing is more valuable to our organization (and this cause) than having boots on the ground. Write lawmakers, attend events and help spread the word. Contact us to find out how you can get involved.

Contacting your Representatives

Calling your representatives in Indiana is easy and takes minutes. You can find their contact information in seconds HERE. Picking up your phones is the most effective way to make sure they hear your voice. Below is an example of what you might say to them.

Hello Senator/Congress(wo)man (NAME),

My name is (YOUR NAME) and I am from (YOUR PLACE OF RESIDENCE). I am calling to express my concerns about medical cannabis laws for Indiana.

(Talk very briefly about why you think medical cannabis should be legalized in Indiana)

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to me today and I hope you are able to take action to help get this changed for all Hoosiers.


If you can’t get out there to spread the word, a small donation can also go a long way. Visit our donations section to learn more. Your name will be listed on our website as a contributor (optional).


Much like donations, corporate sponsorships are one of our primary sources of funding. Sponsors will benefit from their contributions in a number of ways depending on their level of commitment including advertising opportunities. Contact us for more details.