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Happy 2020 Everyone!!! Sorry for the long delay in my post here, but I have been running kind of a Covert Campaign probing the workings of our local and state government policy makers. Let this be the year we all get 2020 vision of our Constitutional Rights.

Anyhow, as part of my Campaign, I am going to come out of the doctor’s office, per se, to show you and others how our Constitution protects the Medical Cannabis Patient even in states where access to your medicine is hindered under their so called “color of law.” It’s as easy as seeing a doctor (even over the internet or tele-medicine as permitted under the Affordable Care Act, getting a doctor’s recommendation and ordering your medicine through a reliable medical cannabis co-op). Please enjoy and learn from the following videos and links. More will be added as I get them.

Why am I doing this and why am I taking such a risk? It’s Simple. I’m sick and tired of seeing this senseless overdose and suicide rate increase here in Indiana. Also, I’m constantly meeting with Hoosiers and veterans throughout our State that use cannabis to treat and heal from their own chronic ailments. They shouldn’t feel like they’re doing so as a criminal either.

In 2016, when I started this organization, after nearly 10 years of being prescribed opiates to deal with my service-connected disabilities and chronic pain, I took a step back do in part because I was running the risk of accidentally overdosing myself. I saw in response to the CARA Act of 2016 and the VA’s opiate reduction program and their pain management clinics that veterans were still dying in one of four ways to this feeble act without providing a beneficial alternative. 1. They were overdosing on their medication. 2. They were completely and abruptly cut off from their medication and dying from shock mostly after long term usage. 3. As with #2 when cut off they were so addicted to their medication that they turned to street drugs such as heroin or meth, etc. to feed their addiction and overdosing nonetheless. and 4. They come to wits end and choose unfortunately to take their own life. You see, our veterans were regrettably “the canaries in the coal mine.”

In the 2017 Indiana session I tried wholeheartedly to warn the Senate Health Committee that their path in combatting this epidemic in our State under the passage of SB226 and others, without a beneficial alternative such as cannabis, would result in the same increase as I saw it under the VA system. Now my observational battlefield report that I personally saw and experienced within the VA has sadly come to pass here in Indiana. I truly believe my own risk by coming out is a “just cause” and we will be victorious because like Sun Tzu said in the Art of War, we are on “death ground” and failure to act, fight and to move forward, is not an option.

God Bless You Always and Keep Fighting for a Safer Way to Heal.

Jeff Staker
Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis, Inc.


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